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        • Name: China Gym Mirror, Fitness mirror, Mirror for Gym, Mirrors for Fitness club
        • No.: SMI-GYM2000
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        SINOY MIRROR INC Gym Mirror,

        is produced by attaching a protective film on back of the mirror, mirror sides to be grinded with polishing edge.


        Gym mirror also can be called as Fitness club mirror,Fitness center mirror, dance studio mirror, dancing room mirror, dance club mirror, Yoga club mirror, Yoga studio mirror, Yoga mirror, dance mirror, mirror for Gym, mirror for fitness club, mirror for Fitness center, safety backed mirror, vinyl backed mirror, vinyl backing mirror, safety backing mirror 


        1) Made of 4mm to 6mm silver mirror glass, double coated, water-proof;
        2) The mirror back is protected with vinyl backing, CAT I and CAT II optional; 
        3) All Mirror sides grinded with polished edge; 
        4) East to be installed to the wall: by drilling or by hardwares; 
        5) Mirror color: clear, ultra clear, bronze, grey; 
        6) Regular size: 1830*1220mm, 1650*2134mm, 1830*2440mm, customer size available


        1) Commercial and residential Gym Center/Fitness club
        2) Dance Studios 
        3) Yoga club
        4) Ballets studios
        5) Spas
        6) KungFu School /Martial arts studio
        7) Pilates studios
        or any other public areas.