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        AG Glass(Anti glare glass)

        Sinoy Mirror, Inc., Professional manufacturer of AG Glass, Electronic Glass, Non-glare glass.

        Anti glare glass, is also named anti-reflective glass, non-relective glass or anti-relection glass, which is the glass specially treated on single or both surfaces with comparatively low relectance ratio.

        The light reflectance is lowered to 1% from 8%, so as to create visual space with more transparency and better enjoyment.

        Features of AG glass
        Most people have experience of suffering dazzle, which comes from dazzle lamp house and reflectance of dazzle. When we work before monitor, sometimes, it is hard to read the content on the monitor due to reflectance of surrandings on the surface of monitor.The reason is on the reflectance of light on the glass surface, while clear glass has very high reflectance.To minimize the influence of light reflectance, we do treatment on the surface to achieve non-reflectance or to reduce the reflectance. Anti glare glass can lower the influce of surrounding light, improve the visible range and light level of monitor, and reduce the reflectance. In this way, the images become clearer, more colorful, and better saturation.

        Applications of AG Glass

        1) Electronic Whiteboard/Blackboard
        2) Elextronic Display Screen
        3) TV screen
        4) PC screen
        5) PAD screen
        6) Smartphone screen

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