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        SINOY Ultra Mirror

        Ultra Mirror will stay looking great longer.
        It's innovated by China leading manufacturers of mirrored glass- SINOY MIRROR, INC. 

        Ultra Mirror is durable. 
        The average ammoniated household cleaner will actually eat away at the standard mirrors surface, causing black edge corrosion. 
        The mastic adhesives used to install mirrors in vanities and frames can corrode their overall appearance.
        And humidity and other environmental conditions will degrade appearance and reflective performance over time.
        But there is a mirror that can stand up to these challenges: SINOY Ultra Mirror.

        SINOY Ultra Mirror is produced by applying an ultraviolet coating for superior strength and fine-tuning the silvering process to produce a more corrosion resistant mirror. You will reap the rewards with a mirror that exceeds all industry standards and comes with a 10-year limited warranty (double the industry standard).

        1) Highly reflective
        2) True image reflectance with virtually no distortion
        3) Decorative edge options: beveled edge, pencil edge and flat edge
        4) Humidity resistant
        5) Industry leading warranty
        6) Superior ferric chloride resistance
        7) Superior performance in Copper Accelerated Salt Spray (CASS) test
        8) Reduces occurrence of black edge corrosion
        9) Significantly increased resistance to ammoniated household cleaners
        10) Improved resistance to mastics containing acetic acid and oximes

        1) Wardrob/door mirrors
        2) Bathroom mirrors
        3) Furniture applications
        4) Projection screens
        5) Display cases
        6) Decorative walls
        7) Ceiling and pillar covers
        8) Others

        1) Standard thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm, other thicknesses may be available on request.
        2) Standard size: 1830mm x 2440mm, 2134mm x 3300mm, etc.
        3) SINOY also has the capability of producing colored mirrors by applying the mirror coating onto a colored substrate. Available colors are grey, bronze, blue and green .
        4) All SINOY mirrors can be custom fabricated into pattern cuts, beveled or machine ground edges, and with drilled holes.

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