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        • Name: Clear and Bronze Nashiji Wired Glass
        • No.: SMI-NSJWG2000
        • Views : 488

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        Clear or Bronze Nashiji Wired Glass

        Wired glass is a kind of reinforced concrete structured safety and decorative flat glass with wired mesh embedded in the glass by a special mesh unwinding system during glass forming.

        Thickness: 6mm

        Color: clear, bronze

        Standard Sizes:

        2000*2500mm ( 79"*98" )

        1860*2520mm ( 73"*99" )

        1830*2440mm ( 72"*96" )


        1) Fireproof safety: wired glass is suitable to be used as an efficient fireproof material. Even wired glass breaks in the fire, the fragments will still connect with each other by the wire meshes, and not fall down, which prevent fire spreading.

        2) Shock resistant safety: even wired glass broken in shocking, the fragments will still be connected by the wire meshes and wont fall

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