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        silver mirror supplier

        Writer:Eric BaiDate:2012-11-2 15:15

        Sinoy Mirror, Inc supply 1.1mm to 8mm clear silver coated mirror glass

        Size: 1830 x 2440mm, 2134 x 3300mm, 2440 x 3660mm etc.

        custom cut size: available

        Back side with vinyl back: available


        1)Clear and exact images.

        2)No distortion

        3)The backing paint resists acid and moisture.

        4)Can be used for more than 20 years indoor use

        Applications: - Indoor use only.

        1)Decoration and furniture.

        2)Bathroom mirrors.

        3)Rearview mirror for automobile.

        4)Material mirror for safety mirror and shaped mirror and beveled mirror.

        5)Fitness/Gym Mirror

        6)Other places that requiring for silver mirror.

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