1.1mm to 8mm Ultra Clear Mirror, Super White Mirror

        Writer:exp1@sinoy.comSource:SinoyMirror Date:2014-06-06

        Our ultra clear mirror ( extra clear mirror / super white mirror ) is made of 1.1mm to 8mm quality ultra clear / super white float glass with silver coating and double waterproof Italy FENZI paint. Edgeworking ( flat edge, round edge, bevelled edge with bevelling width 5mm to 60mm ), vinyl backing ( PE glossy film CAT I and PVC woven fabric film CAT II available ), CNC cutting, silkscreen printing, drilling, sandblasting, tempering, etc could be fine processed by our factory. Custom OEM service at shape ( round, oval, square, rectangular, and irregular shapes ), size and back paint color is also available. More details will be available by e-mailing to exp1@sinoy.com.